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     We have components for sale, software applications, alternative energy systems, services such as EPROM and PIC programming and electronic kits.
   Other features and services will include hovercraft sales, pages of information and links to other sites.
   Under development is a range of U.A.V. aircraft for applications such as Search and Rescue, cattle mustering, traffic control and monitoring and many other uses.
     Visit the Online Stores for many bargains.
   Concentrating on components and kits for radio, computer interfacing, robotics and home brew test gear.
   Coming soon will be kits from the Talking Electronics range. I hope to be able to include the TEC1 Z80 based computer which is a great teaching tool for those with a thirst to learn more about the capabilities of computers than just playing games or writing letters.
     For more commercial electronics, check our site for bargains in many retail electronics including mobile phones, cordless phones, GPS units and other products.
   Later we will extend the range of products to include radio controlled aircraft and CNC products.
   Keep watching this space.


EPROM Programming Service
EPROM Types Programmed
  • 2716
  • 2732
  • 2764
  • 27128
  • 27256
  • 27512
 Bulk lots or single units programmed.


Hovpods and Plans
     Check out the Hovpod, a great little hovercraft. Or for those wishing to take some time, build your own.

Other Services

*SPECIALS* kits and electronics *SPECIALS*
Electronic Repairs
 Playstations repaired and serviced.
 Xboxes repaired and serviced.

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